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About Angelee 

I was raised by the sea on the paradise island of Mauritius. My childhood was a happy one spent playing in the outdoors enjoying the nature. The community where I spent my formative years placed a great emphasis on using natural remedies and spiritual methods of healing and caring for each other. This had a huge impact on my psyche and my ultimate joy is found in helping people to achieve their true potential by helping them to release their inner beauty so that they can really shine in life.


I was drawn to study holistic therapies as these natural ways of healing the body, mind and spirit really resonate with me and allow me to express my most caring and nurturing instincts. I achieved my Diploma in 2002 from the Institute of Practitioners in Therapy International and have thoroughly enjoyed my career to date. I spent four years providing treatments in the 5 star Dinarobin hotel in Mauritius before coming to Ireland where I have spent over nine years working in the 5 star hotel The Four Seasons. Most recently I have been working in Edvard and Pink before arriving at the Dublin Holistic Centre. Throughout this time, I have continually updated and refined my skills and techniques to offer the best experience possible to the client.


In my time as a professional therapist I have been fortunate enough to be nominated for several awards including Best Spa Therapist in the Image Magazine Beauty Awards in 2016 and Best Spa Therapist in the Tattler Magazine Beauty Awards in 2014. I have also been the subject of a number of magazine and newspaper articles including the Irish Times, Image Magazine and Expose.


However, I did not enter the field of holistic therapy for awards or prestige because the real reward for me is to provide the best natural treatments and healing to all of my clients and to assist them on their journey through this life.

Our Services

At Angelee Hoslitics you can choose from a range of treatments that suits you. There’s something to suit everyone, whether you want gentle pampering or a treatment that works deep in the muscle tissue.

Holistic Massage treats the person by relaxing the muscles, calming the mind and rejuvenating the spirit. 

A beautiful combination of techniques designed to eliminate stress from your busy life, live calmer, happier and healthier.

A facial massage relieves tension, promotes relaxation and restores energy to your face and body by increasing circulation.